Let it Snow!

In the summer holidays of 2015 we took Vivaan to Kashmir for a family holiday. He was super excited by the idea of seeing snow. Towards the end of our flight before landing we could see mountains covered in snow. It was such a fascinating sight for Vivaan.

He was super excited to further learn that we were staying in a Houseboat. His questions never seemed to end on how can a boat be a house? His experience of travelling to the Houseboat in a Shikara and seeing the Houseboat from inside with his own eyes answered all his questions. He was simply thrilled by the whole experience.
To add more thrill to his experience he visited places full of snow such as Sonmarg, Pahalgam and Gulmarg of course. In fact, he thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow. He did horse riding, sledging and other rides of the snow. The Gulmarg cable car was another unique and memorable experience for him.
Up on the mountains, he went inside the snow thrice, while walking and playing. He also tried making a Snowman. 🙂 Apart from all the fun he was very interested in knowing the lifestyle of people living there. Their dresses and style of wearing long pherans, their work and most importantly how they beat the cold with the small heaters that they carry along to keep them warm.
Vivaan also understood the reason of why so many army men were seen around. He also clicked pictures with them. The weather din’t deter him from enjoying the snow.He loved his visit in the snow and we will be going back for sure!
Payal Bhaskaran, Content Head at Candy Cane Club

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