A School Day during Holi-Day


To resonate my ethos of ‘how much kids learn during travel’ just with their mum, and to exemplify her as the best teacher,  I wanted to showcase how a typical day is almost like a school day this time on our vacation.
We flew to the breathtakingly beautiful atolls of Maldives. Mostly his curious mind posed queries about marine animals and everyday life on these remote islands. It was only until I starting researching to answer these , I realized how I was teaching him 5 subjects just like his regular school day consists of 5 classes!
After boarding our flight , we conventionally  pulled out the airline magazine and towards the end of it we stumbled upon a map. I showed him the exact location of Mumbai and where in the Indian Ocean was Maldives. He learnt about the capital city Male and saw what the country flag looks like. We also discussed nearest cities such as Colombo, Lakshwadeep and Kanyakumari.
He wanted to know how long we would take to reach there and what is the duration of the flight. There were many numbers and concepts thrown at him such as 2 hour layover between flights  , 20 minutes sea plane transfer and time difference of 30 minutes between India and Maldives. Later on, during the holiday when we were at a cooking session with him and his foreign friends , he flaunted his newly acquired subtracting skills that as we had five cakes but since two kids din’t turn up for the session we only get to decorate three cakes!
During our holiday he picked up many new words such as archipelago, lagoon ,reef and such.He learnt the meanings of such words which will in turn make him use them in future with ease.The new words brought about a confidence in him to ask anyone the meaning of any new word he comes across during the holiday even if it was as simple as ‘famished’.
There were so many science lessons right from the biology of the whale sharks including their anatomy and size , to how a sea plane evolved as an alternate mode of transport , the reasons why a snorkel mask can make you look inside the water and the physics of how the spectacle of fly boarding works! Phew 
He got a chance to view the coffee manufacturing in progress and all its stages from roasting , grinding , extraction to filtration which turn coffee beans
to coffee! Industrial science to moral science he had lessons in them all!
5. Art
We had a big doodle maker perched in the room throughout the trip. He loved to draw what he saw everyday right from fish to corals to clouds. Additionally , he had to tie a wish on the Tree of Wishes and since he couldn’t write his wish he decided to draw a rocket to indicate he wished to be an astronaut!
He learnt so many subjects in one holiday and so does every child!Not only has he learnt , but in answering his how’s and why’s I have myself learnt many new things! 
Author Bio:
Prachi Kagzi is the founder of Little Passports India and mother to a 4 year old.
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