From ‘my’ point of view

sv2My granny wanted to see Kanyakumari, so my dad took us there and you know what

interested me to go that place? That place is the meeting point of 2 seas and an ocean.

Till date, I was thinking that sea and ocean are the same just like the beach we see in

Chennai. But they are so different, water colours are different, and ocean has lot more

water than a sea. I got really scared to see that much water at a single point and the

waves are coming in three different directions also. But had lot of fun observing the

waves and the boats from my hotel room. Went on a boat ride too and that was too

rough a boat ride, I didn’t get a chance to meet the driver nor see the steering wheel. I

got so disappointed by that ride and started crying too (look at me in the photo

crying for the same), as I wanted to drive the boat like how I did in the river Godavari.

My dad told me that, since the seas are rough, the boat man uncle will not allow small

children like me to drive the boat. I got very angry and asked me who that small kid here

is? I am a big boy of 4 years now and he can’t say just that right.


We had a gala of time, seeing the sun rising and setting in the waters. I took lot of

pictures and videos of the same. But had a doubt as to how come Hanuman could jump

so high to catch the rising sun? Though he is my best buddy, I am not able to jump

more than a cot high. My mommy says that I need to eat a lot to gain Hanuman’s

energy levels. Any idea, how much should I eat?


I also met my dancing friend Michael Jackson in a wax museum at Kanyakumari. His

guitar was kept near the wall and I wanted to get it home along with me, but the guards

there didn’t allow me. When he is not playing guitar anymore, MJ can gift that to me

right, I don’t understand why he didn’t do it. Anyways, I got my own guitar now. I also

met Captain Hook there. He is a very funny guy.

The train journey is as memorable as it would always be and the TTE uncle had

answered lot many questions to me in the Egmore station at Chennai. I could also see

how a line man uncle would work in the Kanyakumari station. All that in a different story

later on.

Author’s Bio:


Suhasini is mother to a 4 year old and writes a blog on her musings.Inspired , she will be a writing a series of blogs for us. Like her writing? Read her children’s book, too!


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