Scared to travel with a baby: Time for some Inspiration


I am married to the man who is a craver for holidays. And travelling together has been a bliss.

 To deep sea diving in Koh Phangan.From river rafting in Zanskar, Ladhak.We did it our way,together.

We have actually been there and done that. So after I got pregnant life came to a halt. We weren’t sure if this was the beginning or the end of a new phase. Because around us,literally no one travelled with kids. So all the plans we made also revolved around how soon could we leave him and explore the world again.

It came as a not so pleasant surprise when absolutely everyone just refused to take care of my bundle of joy while I fly away to peace and tranquillity.

So as the say beggar’s are not choosers.We took our 4 month old son for his first holiday. We didn’t dare something far off. Just to a picturesque mountain clad Barog(Himachal Pradesh) India. With a group of friends. It was indeed the icebreaker.

We dared to take a leap of faith when he turned 6 months. Travelling from Ludhiana to Chandigarh- 2 hours. Waiting at the airport  another -2 hours.Flight to Mumbai 2 hours again. Connecting flight to Goa and taxi to the hotel. All together 8 odd hours of travelling. Everyone questioned us. Are you taking him? Of course we are. ( Did we have an option).

neha3Mark my words, the only man who had a blast in Goa was my son. Be it Brittos or Thalassa. He made sure every girl hits on him. Me and his dad were paranoid most of the time. Rubbing those mosquito repellents, boiling water for food in the right vessel,too much exposure to sun. We wanted to keep any kind of discomfort at bay.But the little man was oblivious to our antics.

Next 16 months comprised of such 5 more domestic trips. You read that right. We are a crazy couple. And with every flight we took our faith in our baby strengthened. He was a born traveller.

Of course there were momentary hiccups like pooping in the flight, throwing up at the best  gourmet restaurants, ear pressure while landings and take off’s. But babies are fighters. They glide smoothly through them all. Its we as parents who create a scene.

Then came the big daddy, in a lapse of sanity we planned another trip. To travel to two countries with our little buddy. He was just over 18 months. Passports, Visas, travel insurance, hotel bookings all done. And yet everyone asked, Is he still going along?

Isn’t that obvious said my confident husband. Whenever I had an anxious moment he would say,don’t you trust me.

With Travel hours just a little more than 11 hours we reached our first destination Singapore.


That’s when my son taught us that a time lap of 3 hours is also a time lap. First days travelling, plus that lap was a tinny Winny tough on him. Post that his motto,when in Rome do as the Romans do. He was ready to rock and roll.

Singapore is a place that has excellent options for kids, be it food, activities, fun parks. Every nook and corner is baby ready. Places where both parents and kids can have a ball. And cherry on the cake, the people. The amount of compassion they have for people travelling with kids is commendable.

Planning a trip to Singapore, do it now

Safety measures at Sentosa are fabulous, our baby did Ludge with us. He is now a certified Ludge driver too.

Our smart move was to stay at Sentosa for two days. So we were never in a hurry to go back to Singapore mainland . From 8 in the morning to 8 at night party was on.

5 fabulous days at Singapore and we moved to Bali. Beaches, martinis, crabs. It’s live life king size in Bali, Indonesia.

Our trip was brilliantly planned with two days at Hard rock, Kuta. Then moving on to a private pool villa in Seminyak. With a day well spent at Ubud, be it the monkey forest or coffee plantations, its a power house of everything nature has to give.

The pools at both the places were to die for. We were unsure as to what we would do with a baby at a pool villa, but he sure knows what luxury is and enjoys it too.

Not to forget the freshly prepared icecreams. We commited the cardinal Sin, gluttony, or rather they made us do so. You just cant ever have enough.Coming back was a little sad. But also came an assurance that travelling with your baby anywhere in the world is indeed a blessing. Specially because you dont have to worry as to how well is he without you back home and as its said, best teaching is through travelling. My prayer for my son, Let world be your oyster.

Author’s Bio:

Neha Verma is a mother to a toddler and a travel enthusiast.Read her blog here.



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