Rain or no rain, we shall travel


‘The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.’ – St. Augustine Married to a travel-freak, I can for sure vouch for this saying, when it comes to describing my husband’s passion for travelling. He literally lives and endorses this belief. A frequent business as well as leisure traveller, it’s but obvious for him to make my son and me a part of his many travels. By the age of 6 my son, had about twenty-two countries stamped on his passport and of course, he required another booklet. But that’s another story. Since my travel obsessed husband has taken so many voyages either alone or with friends or with us in tow, planning an itinerary is his forte. From choosing exotic locations to not-so we have never had a ‘boring’ vacation. Our holidays, if nothing always have some sort of adventure. When ever we come back from our trips, our friends and family eagerly wait for the thrilling experiences we as a family must have gone through. And we’ve had quite a few of those. This one goes back to July 2012. Charmed by the Mickeys and Donalds of the world, my then five year old son wanted to see DisneyLand and experience the magical and enchanting world of bright colored characters he had seen on TV. Though, not either on my husband’s or my bucket list, we decided to oblige our boy. We saw this as an opportunity to visit one of her favorite destination’s Bali and throw-in HongKong on the way. So plans made. It will be HongKong enroute to the island of the Gods. Another point I must mention is that we (read my husband) doesn’t believe in checking the weather or other details such as availability of food etcetera (which will be a priority with most parents) All we do is book our flights and accommodation. Fortunately, we always book a business class and a 4 or 5 star. And while booking the flight also we never see the timings. It’s always our agenda to reach the destination country first thing in the morning as we want maximum time to explore the local flavors, sight seeing, events. So, the dates are finalized. We board our flights, excitedly and we reach HongKong from Dubai. So it’s an almost eight hour flight. We haven’t slept much as plane journeys can be quite taxing if you are so used to sleeping in the comforts of your own bed. Even in our worst dream, we never thought that we’ll have to spend the next 6 hours at the HK International airport. Now, you’ll be wondering why? July happens to be rainy season in HK. To our good or misfortune, the city that never sleeps, was hit by a typhoon. From the airport glass we could see a heavy downpour. No one was allowed to leave the airport till the rain subsides. All for the magical and wondrous world of Alice in Wonderland! A five year old is a five year old, after all and post eight hours of a plane journey and hardly any sleep you can’t expect them to be cheerful and supportive. However, my son proved the opposite. Maybe, the excitement of going to the land of Tarzan and Jane was so strong that he hardly complained and cribbed. After making him eat his favorite burger from McDonald’s at the airport, he managed to catch forty winks on of those airport chairs. Finally, after six hours of ordeal, we stepped out of the airport. It was still drizzling but manageable. The typhoon had subsided and we were ready to carry on with our itinerary. Yes!We went to Disneyland the next day. But that’s for another day.

Author’s Bio:  Veena Gandhi





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